Saturday of the DEAD

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Join us for the final chapter of THE END IS BY YUR
Saturday the 25th March will be a day of walking, interaction and performances.
Audiences can make a day of it by joining us from beginning to end or pop along and get involved in at any point on our art excursion through Swansea City. (image: Ben Faircloth)

12 – 2pm
“A meditation on connection and mobility”’ – Joanna Bond
A performance walk which looks into why connection is important and what happens when we experience disconnection. Starting at Swansea Train Station.

John Jones – Skin Bleached White by Leviathans Gastric Juice… or My Flesh Washed Pure to Milky Sea Foam
A performance at Swansea Bay.

Howl Juan – _100 Times to Say Goodbye _
Interactive / participatory performance at Swansea Bay.

Elysium Gallery
Jumping into the Abyss – Jessica Lerner

Our materialistic Society lacks compassion to include the whole of
ourselves. Jessica will be improvising with ideas of vulnerability, anxiety and caring. To step into the chaos of not knowing and not being sure– maybe is the ultimate liberty.

Jessica is a Visual movement artist based in Brynaman, South West Wales. She makes performance informed by somatic movement, improvisation and fine art.

Cinzia Mutigli
‘In my work I try to present my experience of time, place and relationship using a range of media including text, digital imagery, audio recordings and spoken word. Repetition is central to my process and the work I produce. For The End Is By Yur I am presenting an illustrated performance lecture that explores how repetition can be used as a tool for enlightenment but can easily descend into a spiraling hellish loop’.

Functionally Dyfunctional (FD) – Peeking Behind the Veil: The Truth About Death and Beyond

Join your hosts, Simon and Cassandra, as they take you through a
journey to the other side and offer definitive answers to what lies beyond. FD’s signature mix of clowning and audience participation will be directed towards a topic that cannot be skewered enough, that of the medium. Satirizing the
likes of John Edward and Psychic Sally, the show will have the audiences take part in a séance that goes spectacularly wrong all while the hosts scramble to retain control and credibility. Seeking not just to be a piece of knockabout idiocy FD also undercut and expose what they consider to be an obscene truth at the heart of these psychics.

Finally we will close with popcorn and the screening of a Post apocalyoptic, death laden film classic TBA.