SFF2021: The Dangerous Tortoise

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24th October – 1.30 – 2pm

Dan Morgan and Amy Webber, creators of the much-loved Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast, have arrived in town with a curious collection of comedy sketches that will make you want to run home (preferably not in the middle of the show) and tell your mum all about it (best to leave out all the naughty bits), probably dropping all of your Bitcoins on the way (why didn’t you invest in a better quality purse, gosh darn it!) and leaving you feeling like a right silly sausage (please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements before the
start of the performance).
Anything could happen in this delightful and highly original sketch show brought to you by two of South Wales’ most likeable sketch comedians.
For more information;
Twitter/Instagram: @comedy_geek1