Tim Kelly: The Poetics of Space Time

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Tim Kelly: The Poetics of Space Time

Opens Saturday 17th July, 3pm – 10pm

Exhibition continues until 28th August.

An artistic enquiry and response to contemporary scientific theory surrounding the philosophy of physics, chemistry, geology, and biology. The work in this exhibition is a response to the cutting edge of understanding about who we are and what we are in relation to the newly emerging ideas from Quantum mechanics and the philosophy of art.

Tim Kelly is an artist working in Swansea from the Elysium Gallery Studios in Orchard St.
His practice includes drawing and mark making with paint and pigments.
Tim studied at Swansea Collage of Art  or his Masters in Fine Art, graduated in 2014.
Tim is interested in making simple marks to build up layers and layers as a physical metaphor for complexity and process. His work has been an enquiry and exploration of contemporary cultural, political and scientific thought through mark making using simple marks on paper ground.