Transgender Resistance- Swansea Book Launch

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Author Laura Miles will launch her new book Transgender Resistance – Socialism and the Fight for Trans Liberation.

Transgender people continue to face systematic oppression, discrimination and hate crimes.

This new book brings together key strands in the resistance to these attacks—on the streets, in communities, in workplaces and in unions.

Laura Miles addresses the roots of transphobia and the history of gender transgressive behaviour. She highlights trans-people’s fight to assert their right to live authentic lives—and why that deserves our unconditional solidarity.

Laura argues that Marxism offers the tools to develop a materialist explanation of the roots of transphobia. She is clear that trans rights need to be fought for within our current system. But she argues we need to end our present exploitative society through a revolutionary movement from below. The fight for a socialist transformation of society can create the basis for genuine trans liberation and the liberation of all oppressed people.

About the author: Laura Miles is a former lecturer in social science, a UCU trade union activist and a member of the SWP since the 1970s. She was the first openly trans person to serve on the national executive of a British trade union.

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