Hazel Cardew


Hazel Cardew completed her BA Fine Arts (First) at the University of Gloucestershire in 2012 and has exhibited work both in the UK and Internationally. Before moving to Swansea she lived and worked in Japan where she was part of an artist collective known as the Tokyo Digital Artists. With TDA she further developed her photography and digital skills, creating and exhibiting the Light Painting Series (2015) in Tokyo.

I am a multi-media artist. Using film or photography I capture movement of materials, colour and various marks, which are produced from carefully set-up installations or workspaces. My work has evolved from the idea of drawing within a ‘space’ and capturing the movement of marks and colour in film or photography. I accomplish this by using tried and tested set-ups in a workspace/installation.

“Art is the most beautiful deception of all” Claude Debussy

My work makes a subtle play on our assumptions of reality. We cannot always trust what we see with our eyes. I realised that by using simple set ups and processes I could create basic abstractions that challenge the viewer’s perception. The result is often abstract/ abstract minimalism.


Greenwich Decorative Fine Arts Society (GDFAS) Travel Award Grant 2011 (Prague)

Bridgnorth Animation Festival Runner Up 2012