Kathryn Anne Trussler – Astro Turf Grazed Bovine | 19th May – 17th June 2017

Kathryn Anne Trussler – Astro Turf Grazed Bovine

Preview: Friday May 19th 7.30pm – Late

Exhibition continues until Saturday June 17th

Artist talk: Saturday 10th June 5.30pm

Swansea based artist Kathryn Anne Trussler was Elysium gallery’s artist in residence from January – April 2017. During her 4 month residency based at the Elysium Orchard Street Studios, her research encompassed western cultures noticeable ever-growing obsession with post-apocalyptic fiction and our ‘fantasies’ about the end of the world.

The creations in this new particular body of work very much reflect our growing concerns and fetish with all things apocalyptic. Notions of ancient, alien or futuristic societies fuse with discarded non-recyclable materials that are abundant in our environment today.

The artist enjoys working with items that contend with the notion of the ‘everyday’ and scavenges for ordinary utilitarian refuse and constructs forms that are equally as primitive as they are futuristic.

The work has been created by using a miniaturised interpretation of a combined imaginary urban and natural landscape forming a sort of proto post-apocalyptic Zen garden. In this wasteland, even the growing of weeds in cracks, and on monuments is synthesized with the careful placing of artificial plants.

The sculptures are purposely primitive which is encapsulated through the use of man-made found objects which have been scavenged from the city centre. The assemblages are an infusion of western consumerist waste, and eastern aesthetics. In this clash of cultures bamboo canes, polystyrene, and pound land garden aids are forced together in an otherwise avoided unison.


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