Katie Trick – Looking through, odes to nowhere | 5th July – 6th August 2019

Katie Trick – Looking through, odes to nowhere

Preview: Friday 5th July, 7pm

Artist talk: Saturday 6th July, 3pm

Exhibition continues until 10th August

Gallery open: Tues – Sat 12 – 7pm

Gallery Bar open: Tues, Weds 12 – 7pm, Thurs 12 – 11pm, Friday and Saturday 12 – 1am

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‘This series of work ‘Looking through, odes to nowhere’ is a collection that is initially rooted in the home and the reassuringly known, but also looks at the disquieting familiarity of somewhere never visited. There’s always an impression of my immediate environment with the longing for the unfamiliar. I am always drawn to the idea we have of places, and the way in which our perception is altered by the images we’re fed, and this strange archive we build over time. Building up a false idea, a false memory’.

Although each painting begins with a vague idea of place or subject, that idea soon dissolves, and rarely are they faithful depictions of a concrete place. They sit between representation and abstraction, imagination and observation. The process quickly becomes about the paint itself, and where it takes us. Working from abstraction, to figuration back to abstraction, embracing what’s found. And what always seems to be left, in the end, is a view through.

Katie Talbot lives and works in Port Talbot, South Wales and graduated from Wimbledon College of Art in 2014.