Kelly Payne










Kelly studied a BA degree in Fine Art: Combined Media at UWTSD Swansea where I achieved a 2:1, which has lead me to join the MA degree course in Fine Art: Contemporary Dialogues.

I am the founder and Chief Editor of Muse art magazine and Events Manager of A.K.A Collective.

I write fiction, non- fiction and poetry and as an artist my main mediums are paint, photography, and text.

Due to my interest in mythology and folk-tales as a child there is a touch of fantasy about my work as I create my own narratives through existing tales in contemporary settings that results in scenes that seem slightly out of place with the societal concept of the real world.

My work with nature and mapping creates the impression that I believe I have lost something precious along my journey and through my artwork I am rediscovering my connection with the world and my place amongst it. I have begun to believe that every moment that passes happens for a reason, one moment is as important as the other, as these moments are markers on a map that form a narrative, telling where you have been and where you are going.

Writing has always been my way of dealing with the world around me, due to a speech impairment in childhood writing became the only way I felt I could communicate with the world without ridicule. My writing become more honest and emotional because of this, using text as a tool within my art I strive to become ever more personal to know myself and the viewer/contributor on a deeper level.

I have been using nature as the base material in some of my projects, and by moving and adapting to it, nature forms how my projects end up. I have been using poetry in order to explain my work rather than using statements, and they have become the work on numerous occasions. Photography has been my mine media, with my experimenting with the photograph as an object to display rather than a documentation tool.