MA Contemporary Dialogues: UWTSD Swansea

As soon as anything becomes recognisable we slip into habitual thinking. When we engage in an unfamiliar encounter, then we become inquisitive, we learn, and we build knowledge and confidence, as well as a more original voice.

The MA Contemporary Dialogues course at Swansea College of Art, UWTSD combines four distinct creative practice pathways: Fine Art; Photography; Textiles; Visual Communication.

These pathways are delivered though interdisciplinary dialogues and medium specific forums with the intention that our MA students’ experience will take the form of an encounter at various levels with their chosen medium.

We are delighted to locate our MA creative practice studios in the new Elysium Swansea spaces at Iceland. This reflects our philosophy in support of practice-based research and our desire to create tangible links with the thriving art world of the City, Wales and beyond. We are very excited about the opportunities such collaborations afford for creative and career development, as we are also taking the BA courses forward by offering a four year Integrated Masters course from September 2015, which will give our BA students the opportunity to transfer their studies onto Masters’ level.