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Nathan Roach was influenced from a young age by various artists/ photographers (including paintings by his father Peter Roach). His work includes dramatic scenes with a seemingly dark undertone.

His most recent work, ‘ENT’ is a common, shortened phrase used in the theatre when reading scripts. The full word ‘Enter’ is used in the stage directions as guidelines to when a character is to enter the scene. The first few seconds before anyone enters the stage are significant to the audience’s perception of where the location is and what could possibly happen. The audience are clueless, all they know is the picture that is set before them and what they can predict may unravel.

The few seconds before the decisive moment are always considered to be unimportant. Just a backdrop to set the scenario before the real story begins but it is in that, that we lose the foundation of the content itself. Without the location, the possibilities of what may or may not happen can never come to be. This form of voyeurism keeps the audience riveted to what will happen, forcing them to create their own outcomes through the sub-conscious mind.

Nathan studied for a year earning his art foundation diploma in the University of Glamorgan in 2010 before enrolling at Swansea Metropolitan University, gaining a BA HONS ‘Photography in the Arts’ degree in 2013. He is currently based in Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan.