Rebecca Rendell










For an extensive period Rebecca Rendell’s work has focused on the process of exploration and discovery, this developmental activity is inherently didactic and intuitive to human nature. The practice investigates the interconnectedness of the natural world, and the relationships between art, society, ecology and geometry.

A dominant focus is the material content and the process of building collections of found objects. This obsessive gathering of found materials is a habit that draws Rendell to rescue neglected everyday objects. This process induces an intriguing dichotomy between the desirable and the undesirable; she likes to play with the relationships of seduction versus repulsion, and chaos in contrast to order. Rendell also tries to create a shift in what is usually considered valuable by using collections of invaluable ephemera; this shift occurs both via the platform of public display, and the attention invested to transform the identities of objects.

An example of her work includes a series using chalk found whilst exploring the banks of the river Thames; the work investigates an environmentally responsive practise and is primarily concerned with nurturing a habit for adventure. Escapism of this exploratory nature is an ongoing investigation for Rebecca and remains the creative catalyst within her practise, future goals are to further explore the habits and effects of the human condition.



Originally from Swansea, Rebecca Rendell studied Textile Art (BA) at Winchester School of Art. Since her degree Rendell worked for various artists before moving to the Middle East for four years to continue her practise. Rendell recently achieved an MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts London.

Rebecca accomplished her first solo exhibition while based in Dubai. The Continuous Cycle (2012) was hosted by Tashkeel Gallery, shortly after her solo show she led the launch of a residency program at the JamJar Gallery also in Dubai. Rendell has exhibited in more than 30 group exhibitions internationally, notably Crossing the Line at Langford:120, Melbourne (2012) and The Reflective Mirror at South Gallery, U.N. Building, New York (2010) this came as a result of winning the Sheikha Manal Young Artist Award (2009).

 Rebecca currently lives and works in Swansea.