Reframing the Past>>Emerging Futures – Project

We are pleased to announce the selected artists for our Wales/Canada collaborative project Reframing the Past>>Emerging Futures.

Megan Arnold, Tricia Enns, Penny Hallas, Jessica Lerner, Andrew Maize & Euros Rowlands.

Elysium gallery in partnership with IICSI has commissioned the 6 artists from Canada and Wales to work together, developing cross-Atlantic strategies to create critical and experimental new work online.  Through a series of monthly online artist discussions, we want to create an innovative platform for creative collaborations that will evolve into developing ideas that will form part of Elysium’s contribution to IICSI’s IF Improvisation Festivals in 2022.

Megan Arnold is a Filipinx-Canadian multidisciplinary artist currently
pursuing an MFA with a focus on performance at the University of Guelph.
Her work explores tensions between humour/pathos, art/entertainment, and
fantasy/reality. Karaoke is Megan’s favourite activity.

Tricia Enns is a researcher, designer, facilitator, creator, artist, and
performer. ‘Currently I create participatory work that uses paper
making, debris, place making, illustration and performativity to explore
new ways of understanding our relationships with urban spaces. I am
currently curious about the point(s) of intersection between place
making, storytelling, and our forgotten detritus’.

Penny Hallas – ‘Whilst drawing is at the heart of my practice, I use
video, painting, photography and sculptural elements, often in the form
of found objects. Collaborative approaches are integral to my practice,
especially with performers: I welcome the disturbance, challenge and
enrichment of multiple perspectives.

Jessica Lerner – ‘I use movement as a sculptural material which
acknowledges my identity and sense of embodied imagination as a woman.
Through the simultaneous mapping of my interior landscape in connection
with the exterior space, in my movement practice I conjure up emotive
scenarios and play out surreal connections. Responding to what is
present in the moment; I draw out imaginative landscapes which are
grounded in the details of the body’.

Andrew Maize is an artist whose playful and meandering practice draws
upon language, relationships and technology as catalysts for
conversation. He is currently reading Nan Sheppherd, training to be a
postal worker and rubbing his left eye with the dry hand of the same

Euros Rowlands – My practice explores the layers and dualities that
exist in our relationship with others and with our own selves. These
works are created through a combination of paint, photographs,
magazines, and adverts, and attempt to unify disparate elements into a
whole which has an emotional and intellectual resonance. I am interested
in the process of memory, of the way remembering, forgetting, and
imagining, combine to create a visual echo of what maybe once was.

This project is supported by Wales Arts International