Sophie Kumar-Taylor – Artist in Residence | 16th April – 28th June 2018

Sophie Kumar-Taylor

Artist in residence 16 Apr – 28 June

Sophie Kumar-Taylors work explores geometry, distortion and optical illusions whilst experimenting with abstraction and colour relationships with her site-specific installations. Her love of colours drives the atmosphere of the work where a mixture of bright hues with more neutral colours are used to create optical illusions whilst fluorescent colours exaggerate this effect.

Sophie graduated from Carmarthen School of Art in 2017 and the use of everyday objects has been a recurring theme in her work. Mundane objects such as a basic kitchen colander spark off a pattern of geometric rhythms that are common in natural objects as such as seashells, snowflakes and spider webs.

‘I look at a colander and its holes connect to each other to form a perfect geometric pattern. Geometry is also widely used in architecture in both a pure and applied sense which has inspired me to create installations which combined with distortion produce optical illusions. This is something I will continue researching with the aim of discovering how to create perfect optical illusions’.

Sophie is the third of this year’s elysium gallery residency to exhibition programme where emerging artists are given studio and gallery space to expand their practice in preparation for a solo exhibition at the end of the residency.