Tim Warren – I have a place in mind | 19th January – 17th February 2018

Tim Warren – I have a place in mind 

Preview Friday 19th January 2018, 7pm 

Continues until 17th February 

Landscape forms the stage onto which our life unfolds. It becomes a given that we all recognise and understand. 

The artists’ landscapes are not specific places but are generic images that stand as a sign or symbol for the ideal or remembered places that transcend personal experience and exist for all of us. 

The world of memory and emotion is inseparable from imagery and the other senses which combine to create our experience of being in the world and that enable us to agree with others as to what the world is.  

For this exhibition, Warren’s paintings try to bring into life these fundamental places and show them as they live in our conciseness creating atmosphere and an emotional response.  

‘My work has developed from a love of the physicality of paint and mark making.  I am fascinated by the way we interpret visual information, sometimes from the slightest of suggestions. I am very considered with the way I apply the paint; I try to use my brush strokes to read as both the marks themselves and the events they are describing.  The result has a rhythm which flows through the marks and holds the painting together as a whole. I use layers to create pictorial depth that produces an atmosphere suggesting a slightly altered reality. 

I develop a deep connection to the paintings as I work on them; there are numerous happy accidents and connections that occur and reveal themselves during the painting which keeps the process alive and exciting. 

Tim Warren was born in Cardiff and grew up in Penarth playing on the beach and making dens in the parks. The colors of the mud, sand, cliffs, pebbles and the ever-changing light that reflects back up off the sea have remained within him and filters back into the images he makes. 

Tim Warren studied Fine Art at UWIC Cardiff and graduated with an MA in 2003. Since 2012 he has been part of the elysium gallery studios community and was a selected artist for the Beep 20016 Wales International Painting Prize.