Art in the Bar – Erin Hughes: Where we are

Event Details

Where We Are is an immersive sonic and visual collaboration between artist Erin Hughes and the Will Barnes Quartet, unfolding across Wales in a series of dynamic live shows. This multifaceted project extends
beyond the stage to present this touring exhibition, showcasing Erin’s original marbled paper collages inspired by the Quartet’s latest jazz album, “Source of the Severn”. Each composition draws inspiration from the captivating landscape of Mid-Wales and border regions, visually interpreted by Erin in vibrant collages. Audiences are invited on a multisensory journey through the enchanting hills of Maldwyn, equipped with headsets for an intimate connection to the music.

Join us for a live performance on the 26th January where the Will Barnes Quartet (Will Barnes -guitar; James Batten – drums; Jack Gonsalez – piano; Clovis Phillips – bass) will present their new album “Source of the Severn” in collaboration with Erin Hughes. This album of original music is a modern take on the classic bebop-era with influences of Wes Montgomery, Bill Evans, Pat Metheny and Oscar Peterson. Erin will perform live visuals of marbled liquid light effects and still images of artworks, promising a striking experience for the audience.