Artist Talk: Myles Mansfield

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Artist Myles Mansfield talks about his latest exhibition #INHUMAN at elysium gallery. (Not an online talk).
The exhibition explores what it is to be human in our digital technological 21st century world, as well as in Investigating a possible future where our descendants exist in a virtual computer world without bodies.
The sense of community that we gain from interacting with the physical environment and the other people that exist outside our front door is being eroded by our withdrawal into the realm of the virtual. The way that our children relate to us and each other is changing, their sense of belonging to their own community is also being dissolved.
The show seeks to explore and highlight the ways that technology is facilitating these changes and create discussion around the subject.
The sculptures are constructed from recycled materials and motors as a form of making, the moving parts are visible and on show, a nod to the automata of the past and the hope that the age of enlightenment entailed.
Myles Mansfield (B.1968) is a BA and MA graduate from Swansea College of Art. He is now studying Kinetic Sculpture for his PhD.