Online artist talk: Andrew Sabin

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Online artist talk: Andrew Sabin
Elysium Gallery invites you to the latest of our special series of online talks.

Topic: Material Matters Talk 2
Time: Apr 16th, 2024 7:00 PM Wales time

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Material Matters is curated by Sarah Tombs featuring Sokari Douglas Camp, Lee Grandjean, Marie-Therese Ross and Andrew Sabin.

Material Matters explores the relationship of process and materiality, how through experimentation and manipulation the sculptor is able to generate sculptural objects whose content and motivations are accessible to an audience.

Andrew Sabin (born in 1958) is a British experimental sculptor who has made important contributions to installation, object making and Landscape Art.   The Coldstones Cut in the Yorkshire Dales is one of the most visited landscape sculptures in Britain and The Sea of Sun installation was a prominent work in the inaugural exhibition of contemporary sculpture at the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds.  Sabin studied sculpture at Chelsea School of Art where he later became a senior lecturer. On the site of the original Chelsea building his memorial work ‘Painting and Sculpture’ is permanently located.
Alongside his partner, Laura Ford, he runs the Mattblackbarn educational programme which is dedicated to the study of sculpture and is based at their studios in West Sussex.

‘For me sculpture making is an emotional adventure anyone can join.  When we lay the table or wash our hair or dig a hole in the ground we are moving materials around and responding to them – funny or sad, the cutlery in a pile or laid out in order, hair sticking out in spikes or compacted in a mat, we just have to trust our responses, take them seriously and then we are on a path towards playing with sculpture’.

Exhibition Preview: Friday 29th March 7pm.
Exhibition continues until Saturday 11th May.
Opening hours: Wednesday – Sat 11am – 7pm