Kelly Payne

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Within the proposed residency my goal will be to explore, discover, and record Swansea from different perceptions and mediums through the use of mapping

Practical elements

Over the course of the residency I wish to collect and archive Swansea by discovering new ways to map the area; using timelines of historical Swansea, narratives from people of Swansea, and using new ways of marking my own pathway through Swansea

I will use historical timelines of Swansea to record the changes that Swansea has gone through, showing how even something that seems fixed (like buildings) changes and constantly needs to explored and recorded.

Archiving narratives from the people of Swansea, I will ask the public two questions; what do you consider is the best place in Swansea? What do you consider is the worst place in Swansea? This will then create two maps and two separate accounts of the city.

I myself will walk the streets, recording my journey through text and photography. Leaving markers of my journey; using such objects such as paper, envelopes, chalk, wool, and balloons to leave my presence.

Written elements

I will update the residency blog as much as possible, and keep a physical visual diary which will record all my thoughts, ideas, and inspiration throughout the residency which can be viewed by anyone at the end of the residency. I will get the visual diary copied and printed professionally for the gallery to keep as a record of my time as artist in residence.

Residency results

At the end of the residency I hope to have explored Swansea fully through my own perspective, the perspectives of other new inhabitants, and the viewpoints of people born in the city.

I hope to create an archive from my research that conveys that the city is not one thing, it is many things to many people; and that it is forever evolving and cannot be accurately described through one point of view.

At the end of her Residency, Kelly did a talk at elysiumgallery to share the outcomes of her time as elysium artist in residence. For more information click here