Works on Paper | 27th September – 18th October 2008

Works on paper Artists Heidi Mehta | Eileen White | Jane Maddox | Virginia Head | Jane Bennett | Pauline Thomas | Kara Seaman | Naomi Greaves | Kate Evans | Pascal Michel Dubois | Marcus Irwin | Maria Hansen | Anastasia G Wildig | Anna Barratt | Victoria Duczek Woodward… read more

Body Shop | 31st May 2008

‘The Body Shop’ is a production created by final year performing arts students at Swansea Metropolitan University. ‘The Body Shop’ is set in the not so distant future where it is common place to pop down the local body shop to pick up a new set of eyes, have a… read more

Sub Rosa | 11th April – 24th May 2008

SUB ROSA Kim Fielding & Andrew Cooper 12th April-24th May.  Thurs- Sun 11am-5pm Preview 11th April 7-9pm Kim Fielding A series of time-based lens based dialogues made during 2007 & 2008. The images evoke the presence of archaic metaphysics in a dirty basement while embracing state of the art –… read more

International Film Night | 29th March – 7pm till late

Screen 1 Big Screen Basement Bertrand Kelle Rumble Dance ( 4 mins) Psycho (2 mins 5 secs) David Yates Changed (1 min 21 secs) Matthew Walters and Paula Brooks films. Suicide letter (58 secs) Mark Love Untitled (18 secs) Micheal Fortune Bingo (1 min 58 secs) Santune Frederique Cache (hide… read more

Rosemary Edwards – Folds | 8th December – 19th January 2008

If Art works, it is said that it should stimulate, whether positive , or negative, but never before in my history of Exhibition going has my olfactory organs been so aroused. One is accustomed to the visual and indeed audio stimulation, but at Rosemary Edwards’s installation Folds my nostrils were… read more