OOPARTS * Out of place artefacts – Ben Hartley & Buoys Buoys Buoys | 13th April – 6th May 2023

Preview: Thursday 13th April. 6pmGallery ThreeExhibition continues until 6th May. Lo! Artefacts from a lost history and a speculative future; relics andsigils; they take you now on an otherworldly journey into a space wheretime is in flux. Explore how the past becomes shrouded in mystery, wherelegends and stories form. Ooparts is an exhibition about objects, how they act as vessels for thestories bestowed on them through folk tradition and community play, andtheir importance in the construction of heritage and identity. Usingspeculative futures and fictionalised Welsh artefacts, the exhibitionbrings together imagined relics reinterpreted with scavenged things,demonstrating how these everyday objects and materials can becomevessels for legend. Buoys Buoys Buoys Johnny Jones, also known as Buoys, Buoys, Buoys is aSwansea born bard working in live performance, sculpture,and interactiveinstallation. Exhibiting in gallery spaces, immersive club environments,and cabaret stages throughout South Wales and England has allowed themto engage with the overarching and eclectic themes in their work: Queermasculinity, contemporary ritual magic, and working class Welsh folkculture. On a mission to build joyous spectacles in all their work anddrawing from the carnivalesque and absurd, Buoys Buoys Buoys is usingtheir practice as a vessel to engage communities in the retelling ofWelsh mythologies through laughter and bizarre public play. Ben Hartley Ben Hartley is a Bristol based artist primarily working insculpture and installation. Harnessing their perpetual state ofeco-anxietyand preoccupation with material waste, for the last four years Ben’spractice has been centred around experimenting with low-impact,non-extractive and ecologically sustainable approaches to art-makingwith a focus on sculptural practice. Informed by the self-initiatedmethod of working the Circular Practice, research, mapping, visualhistories and speculative fiction, Ben is interested in telling storiesthrough objects and materials.

SGIP: Eco Visions | 1st April – 6th May 2023

GIP: Gweledigaethau Eco | SKIP: Eco Visions Clirio llwybrau at ddulliau cynaliadwy o wneud celf. Clearing pathways to sustainable approaches to making art. Nazma Ali | Lucy Donald | Mark Folds | Jonathan Green | Demian Johnston | Ann Jordan | Paul Munn | Sarah Poland | SGIP Orielau Un a Dau / Galleries One and Two Rhagolwg /… read more

Peter Finnemore – MU | 3rd February – 18th March 2023

Preview: Friday 3rd February, 7pm Exhibition continues until 18th March Gallery open: Weds – Sat 11am – 9pm MU is the latest exhibition from the distinct art practice of Peter Finnemore. Without a set narrative or singular theme, this installation explores the pluralistic language of photography in relation to materiality, installation, painting, video,… read more

Natasha Morley & Lucia Jones – Byd ei hun / A World of her own | 3rd February – 18th March 2023

Preview: Friday 3rd February 7pm Exhibition continues until 18th March Gallery open Weds – Sat 11am – 9pm Online Artists talk Tuesday 21st February 7.30pm ‘A world of her own’ is an exploratory exhibition by nature, a navigation of its namesake. Traversing mediums as well as the lived and the imagined, the artists meditate on the relationship between women… read more

Madaraja | 18th November – 23rd December 2022

Aisha Kigs | Abike Ogunlokun | Jessie Lezama | Hannah Newell | Kelvin Nziyoka | Liynyuuy Mfikela Jean Samuel | Stephen Ndavi | Joseph Mdamanyi | Fred Mdamanyi | Jefferson Lobo | Palmer Ngale | Chembo Liandisha | Talk to Coco | Nnane Ntube Preview: Friday 18th November, 7pm Exhibition continues… read more

Leila Bebb – Art in the Bar – Parallel Universe Experimentations | 15th November – 23rd December 2022

Leila Bebb                                         Art in the Bar Parallel Universe Experimentations Preview: Tues 15th November 6pm Exhibition continues until 23rd December. Open Weds – Sat, 11am – 11pm ‘I work in a variety of ways. I am visual artist, a dancer, a writer. I have exhibited my work in group exhibitions in Swansea and… read more

Online Artist Talk: Memory into Landscape | 12th December

Online Artists talks: Memory into landscape Tuesday December 13th, 7.30pm Join artists Lucien Anderson, Caroline Bugby, Sara Dudman, Penny Hallas, Connie Hurley, Nikta Mohammadi as well as one of the exhibition selectors Dr.Robert Newell as they talk about the current elysium gallery exhibition Memory into Landscape and its themes. The exhibition presents a group of… read more