Tim Warren

I  am interested in the translation of mark and colour into a self-contained image. The paintings do not refer to anything outside of themselves but use the processes of perception; focus/ blur, systems of marks and colour to create images that tap into a familiarity we all innately feel towards… read more

Jason and Becky

Investigating the socio-economic and socio-political condition, Jason & Becky work colla​boratively to address a number of questions regarding our current human and social state. Through their practice, interventions and socially engaging experiments, they explore and provoke reactions, often with no ​pre-determined outcomes. They challenge perceptions and aim to engage participants,… read more

Callum Lathum

                              My practice is based around concepts of reality and existence, using scientific experiments that are designed to test the ideas I’m interested in, in a way which make sense to myself but also communicates the… read more

Tom Goddard

Thomas Goddard works across design, drawing, photography, film and performance exploring the relationship between place, community, culture and fiction. His recent work has included customised football wall charts, an odyssey across Wales, an archive to a lake monster, as well as a short horror film, portraits of social division and… read more

Eifion Sven-Myer

                        Eifion Sven-Myer lives and works in Swansea where he has a studio with Elysium on the High Street. His work concerns the creation of a tension between the abstract and the figurative. He works in paint from life… read more

Nathan Roach

                  Nathan Roach was influenced from a young age by various artists/ photographers (including paintings by his father Peter Roach). His work includes dramatic scenes with a seemingly dark undertone. His most recent work, ‘ENT’ is a common, shortened phrase used in the… read more

Ann Jordan

                      Based in Swansea, Wales, Ann Jordan is an independent Fine Artist. Her work is often site-responsive and has a performative element, which references both historical and contemporary culture. The chosen materials are integral to the development of each work… read more

Terence Gare

Originally trained as a chemist, Terence Gare spent more than 40 years engaged in industrial research and process development within the steel industry. On his retirement he entered new phase in his life, giving him an opportunity to relax, refocus and seek new challenges. Coming from a technical background, his… read more

Bill Bytheway

                  Bill Bytheway is a sketcher. He draws what he sees in front of him, using pen and ink and, occasionally, water colour. His objectives are a) to document the social world and the built and natural environments, and b) to explore… read more

Amy Dewar

          Amy Autumn Dewar is a fine artist located in Swansea. Dewar has graduated from UWTSD Swansea Metropolitan University with a BA (hons) Degree in Fine Art and is continuing her studies with a Master’s Degree in Visual Communication. Dewar practices with mediums such as installation,… read more